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108 Coders Rules

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108 Coders Rules

Post  Sniper7410 on Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:11 pm

Overall Rules:
No spamming with 1 word replies or useless threads.
No advertising anywhere on the site, unless affiliated with.
No making more then one account per user.
Must respect staff members and your uG members as well.
No leaking VIP codes or will be removed from VIP until further notice.
No pornographic material

Chat Box Rules:
No spamming shoutbox or will be banned for 24 hours.
No images in shoutbox only links.
No links going to other forum sites, it will be considered advertising.
No abusing smileys or spamming with smileys at all.
No disrespecting on the shoutbox

Advertising Rules:
If you give any kind of link, to another forum that is like our forum, you will be banned for 3 days. No exceptions. People a link is a link. Do it and suffer the consequences. The ban will be without warning and when your 3 days are up, you will have minimum access to the forums.
Accepted Links:
Megaupload.com, Sendspace.com, Rapidshare.com, MultiUpload.com etc... and also resource sites.

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