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Jump, Crosshair teleport, and anim

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Jump, Crosshair teleport, and anim Empty Jump, Crosshair teleport, and anim

Post  Architect on Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:21 pm

#Jump, Crosshair teleport, and anim
; square to jump,R and square to teleport to crosshairs L + dpad down to victory dance(online u freeze offline), L + R to climb
0x001475e8 0x0a330814
0x004c2050 0x3c0908d2
0x004c2054 0x3c0a090d
0x004c2058 0x854e0c84
0x004c205c 0x240f8000
0x004c2060 0x240d0140
0x004c2064 0x240c0300
0x004c2068 0x240b8200
0x004c206c 0x11cb0019
0x004c2074 0x11cd000d
0x004c207c 0x11cc0010
0x004c2084 0x15cf001a
0x004c208c 0x8d2aa9b8
0x004c2090 0xc54f001c
0x004c2094 0x3c0b4240
0x004c2098 0x448b8000
0x004c209c 0x46107bc0
0x004c20a0 0xe54f001c
0x004c20a4 0x0a33083c
0x004c20ac 0x8d2aa9b8
0x004c20b0 0x240b0017
0x004c20b4 0xad4b0648
0x004c20b8 0x0a33083c
0x004c20c0 0x8d2aa9b8
0x004c20c4 0x240b0018
0x004c20c8 0xad4b0648
0x004c20cc 0x0a33083c
0x004c20d4 0x8d2aa9b8
0x004c20d8 0xc54c047c
0x004c20dc 0xe54c0018
0x004c20e0 0xc54d0480
0x004c20e4 0xe54d001c
0x004c20e8 0xc54e0484
0x004c20ec 0xe54e0020
0x004c20f0 0x03e00008

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