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2-5-7 shot kill

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2-5-7 shot kill Empty 2-5-7 shot kill

Post  Architect on Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:28 pm

#2 Shot
0x009285AC 0x000009BF
0x009285E8 0x000004B2
0x00928624 0x000009BF
0x00928660 0x000004B2
0x0092869C 0x000009BF
0x009286D8 0x000004B2
0x00928714 0x000009BF
0x00928750 0x000004B2
0x0092878C 0x000009BF

#5 Shot
0x009285AC 0x0000069D
0x009285E8 0x0000016B
0x00928624 0x0000069D
0x00928660 0x0000016B
0x0092869C 0x0000069D
0x009286D8 0x0000016B
0x00928714 0x0000069D
0x00928750 0x0000016B
0x0092878C 0x0000069D

#7 Shot
0x009285AC 0x0000013D
0x009285E8 0x0000013D
0x00928624 0x0000013D
0x00928660 0x0000013D
0x0092869C 0x0000013D
0x009286D8 0x0000013D
0x00928714 0x0000013D
0x00928750 0x0000013D
0x0092878C 0x0000013D


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