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Vote Stack Codes

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Vote Stack Codes

Post  Sniper7410 on Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:33 pm

Thanks to pspguy for finding the stack here some stuff i found.
Their nothing speacail but there fun to play with....
For the vote colors just mod last value turn on and vote someone..
For the rest turn on and vote ppl to see what happens Smile

#Unknown Vote
0x00105238 0x00A00000

#Blank User Vote
0x0010525C 0x00C08000

#Unknown Vote v2
0x00105264 0x34040011

#Vote Failed
0x00105290 0x24A5AFE0

#Vote Passed
0x00105290 0x24A5AFD0

#Player Reported
0x00105290 0x24A5AFB0

#Vote Message Time
0x00105298 0x3C044200

------Change Hex For Colors--------

#Vote Color
;Change lass byte for color
0x001052A4 0xE7AC0000

#Vote Color Mod 2
0x00105294 0xE7AC0000

#Green Vote
0x00105298 0x3C044300

#Light Green Vote
0x00105280 0x3C044200



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