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NitePR Rev K

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NitePR Rev K Empty NitePR Rev K

Post  Sniper7410 on Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:32 pm


I know this is kind of old, but some still use older versions of NitePR. Just to let you guys know some older versions don't show your full database if it exceeds a certain file size. This version has about a 80 KB restriction. Here is what's new in Nite PR Revision K.
Removed support for 2048 lines of code - was causing heavy crashes
Edited some of the documents included with nitePR - added a document going over dmaHunter usage as well
Fixed bug causing a nasty crash when using "Find Text" followed by "Find Exact Value"
Added Left/Right for super fast scrolling in the Cheater
Added ability to change PSID in PRX (unban from within nitePR)
Added support for 2048 more lines of code

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