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Specator Ejected Stack Breakdown 1.60

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Specator Ejected Stack Breakdown 1.60

Post  Sniper7410 on Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:03 am


#Spectator Ejected packet
0x07d00000 0x27bdfff0 ; addiu sp, sp, -0x10 //we only need 0x8 bytes but it's protocol to round up to nearest 0x10
0x07d00004 0xafb00000; sw s0, $0000(sp) //we save any s registers we use
0x07d00008 0xafbf0004; sw ra, $0004(sp) //we save ra when we use a jal in the function
0x07d0000c 0x3c0408d0; lui a0, $08d0
0x07d00010 0x248444d8; addiu a0, a0, $44d8 //a0 set for sending
0x07d00014 0x34050040; ori a1, zero, $0040 //a1 set for sending
0x07d00018 0x2406ffff; addiu a2, zero, $ffff //a2 set for sending
0x07d0001c 0x34070008; ori a3, zero, $0008 //a3 set for sending
0x07d00020 0x34080004; ori t0, zero, $0004 //t0 set for sending
0x07d00024 0x3c100880; lui s0, $0880
0x07d00028 0x26100000; addiu s0, s0, $0000 //pointer for sending and receiving functions (needs to be in a saved register because it's used after a jal)
0x07d0002c 0x02004821; addu t1, s0, zero //t1 set for sending
0x07d00030 0x0e23b99f; jal $088ee67c // Send packet function
0x07d00034 0x340a0001; ori t2, zero, $0001 //t2 set for sending (takes advantage of jump delay)
0x07d00038 0x0e24088f; jal $0890223c // Receive Spectator Ejected function (so we can see spectator ejected too)
0x07d0003c 0x02003821; addu a3, s0, zero //not needed for spectator, but needed for most other packets
0x07d00040 0x8fb00000; lw s0, $0000(sp)
0x07d00044 0x8fbf0004; lw ra, $0004(sp)
0x07d00048 0x03e00008; jr ra //end
0x07d0004c 0x27bd0010; addiu sp, sp, $0010 //pop stack
Hook goes here


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